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About us

About  us

Ultimate Online Health Care Solutions

Our Goal

The main Goal of Sheba One is  to serve all income level People of a country and around the World with a reliable and accessible online health care service through social business. We believe in delivering our valued users, patients, Fitness Centers,  Doctors, Labs, and other partners with the comprehensive and affordable  online health care services in a timely and  need basis.

Ways to Achieve the Goal

Sheba One is an online platform which act as an intermediary between Customers and  Health Service providers, and connect them online for receiving and delivering Health services

Our Services

Online Doctor booking You can book a nearby doctor online  either to visit his/her chamber or for your home visit by a doctor. We have a large number of doctor partners across the country 

Online Doctor Consultation: In addition to Physical Doctor consultation, we also facilitate online doctor consultation, However, for this service, you need to download and install Sheba One App into your smartphone.

Online  Fitness & Wellbeing  classes and Consultation  conducted by our partner Fitness & Wellbeing Centers

Online Health care products ordering  & delivery from our partner health stores within average time of 06 hours to our valued online customers  within a city

Online Diagnostic Tests booking from  Sheba One Associate Labs with home sample collection and online reports sending facilities

Online Medicine Ordering &  delivery from our verified  partner Pharmacies within average time of 30 mins to our valued patients within a city  with active supervisions of qualified A grade pharmacists. 

Online Searching of  nearby Emergency Health Care Services information  like Cardiac Centers,  Maternity  Clinic/Centers, Dialysis Centers, Accident& Trauma Centers ,Burn Units,  ICUs and Emergencies etc 

New Ways  of our Health Care Services

Social Business

We differ from other Health Care providers in many ways, especially, we do social business where a considerable part of our income  will be spent on  various humanitarian causes of  People around the world, on the other hand, most of other health care providers are running their business for self profit or gain.


Connecting with All

Providing affordable and reliable  healthcare to  all income level, poor, middle class as well as upper class people  of any country and around the world. 


Burden of Trust

 We are aware of the responsibility placed on us by millions of patients and  a large number of  doctors. We will do everything we can to uphold this trust of our partners



We believe in interacting openly and honestly, and committing ourselves to the highest moral standard.

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